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Oct 7, 2020 Team Quen
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00:00 What you're seeing right now is a meeting powered by
00:02 Quen! Quen automatically Imports recordings of your video conference
00:06 meetings from zoom and other services and transcribes
00:10 them. You can now
00:11 easily share your recordings and transcripts with
00:13 teammates who missed the meeting or you can go back and look up something that you missed.
00:18 Do you want to ask a co-worker for more details about something
00:22 they said? Send a link to the exact point in a meeting, or leave a comment
00:27 directly inside the meeting
00:28 page to get started create an account
00:31 using the button on this page. You can connect to your Zoom
00:34 account and automatically
00:36 import all your Cloud
00:37 recordings. We understand that work is done differently now and sometimes meetings are like just can get overwhelming. Getting distracted means missing out on key
00:47 details, but that ends now. Quen lets you be on top
00:50 of things, so you can focus on what matters.
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